Fine-Art Photography

Welcome to Fine-Art photography. Introducing works by Artist Stuart.P. 


Artist Stuart.P has been around the underground art circles for quite a number of years now he'd say 'I was so underground that no one knows who I am" lol.

We are sure you will find his art as encapsulating, diverse and thought provoking as we believe you will.

Hence Artist Stuart.P is a photographer with a mission and a vision. His choosing to sell his art through Echad Designs is because of our sharing very similar ethics and values. 

So please join us as we raise awareness for those in need, by your purchasing fine-art photography prints for worthwhile charitable causes. Limited editions of 5 prints per photograph, prices range from £30-£40 each.

Thank you.



Artist Mona Thomson 1919 - 2011.

Echad Designs is privileged to have on offer original digital fine art prints (unopened blank cards with envelopes) designed by artist Mona Thomson. 

Mona was a formidable artist who passed away at the young age of 92 years. 

With permission from Mona's family we are authorised to sell 13, sign autographed fine art printed cards size 6"x4" @£10.00, 100% proceeds go towards our charitable causes.

Thank you.