Beautiful sheer Sari and African wax materials. A-line, uneven hemlines, princess dresses, maxi lengths, below the knee lengths, day dresses. 

Ladies think unique, think feminine, comfort, style and elegance all rolled in one.

Dressed with a belt they look great. Some pictured belts are not supplied and are stated as such. However without a belt they can look great too or even as elegant maternity wear.

Enjoy our limited edition range of day and long dresses.  Created with the adventures of life in mind. 

Whether your'e looking for that unique, relaxed, creative on-off, day day dress, maxi, evening, princess dress or caftan, we hope as our ranges increase you will look no further than Echad Designs. 

Wearing the right dress can make you feel like you're a princess. Take a look at our limited range of samples on offer and as we continue to create, new designs are on the way. Our materials are the latest directly from both African and Indian continents.

Our in-house designer Lorraine.T-K comments: "Our sheer dresses can be worn with a vest dress or 3/4 or full length slip or an elegant trouser underneath this will only add even more to the dress dynamics". We hope our dresses encourage you to add a touch of creativity of your own. Glad we could help!

Limited edition & samples. 

British Designer.

Made in India & UK.